M57 to Land Rover MT82 TDCI Gearbox Adapter Kit


M57 to Land Rover MT82 TDCI Gearbox Adapter Kit

Price £1750 plus vat – £45 shipping UK only please email for International orders.

Unlock the potential of your Land Rover Defender or Ford Transit with our meticulously crafted M57 to Land Rover MT82 TDCI 6 Speed Manual Gearbox Adapter Kit.

Proudly British-made, this kit has left its mark in over 50 vehicles, ensuring a seamless and powerful engine conversion.

Key Features:
* Versatile Compatibility: Specifically designed to bolt a BMW M57 306d1 engine to Ford Transit & 2.2 TDCI / 2.4 TDCI and Land Rover Defender 2.2 TDCI / 2.4 TDCI.
* We guarantee this kit will support a minimum of 650NM
* We have added two lifting points into our billet adapter plate if you lift on this area you’ll be able to install with ease.
* We have endured this Kit retains BMWs Optimal Engine Angle when installed into after-market Vehicles.
* Please check the measurement diagram (pictured) if you’re unsure of your BMW block type. Dowel Centers should be 312.8mm.

Kit Includes:
* Billet Slave Cylinder Spacer
* Billet Adapter plate and fixings
* Machined dowels incase you lose your originals x4
* Spigot Bearing
* genuine LR parts Slave cylinder.
* Genuine slave cylinder extension tube.
* Clutch Plate Cover BRAND Sachs
* Duel Mass Flywheel Brand LUK
* Starter motor cover DUST shield
* This is a full install kit to save you scratching your head.

Installation Guide:

* Bolt-on Ease: Securely bolt the adapter to your BMW M57 engine using the provided fasteners.
* Precision Spigot Placement: Fit the new spigot bearing flush with the end of the crank spigot.
* Clutch Friction Plate Replacement: Swap out the standard BMW clutch plate with the one supplied in the kit,
* Bell Housing Modification: Cut the bell housing to match the adapter for the starter motor clearance template will be provided.
* Final Assembly: Bolt the bell housing to the adapter taking your time ensuring all dowels are correctly installed then add the starter motor cover block.
* Torque bolts to 75NM

*Note: Modifications using cutting tools are required to install this kit YouTube video will be supplied Shortly.
If you believe installing this kit is out of your capabilities please call the workshop and we offer an installation service or just an engine mounting service.

Why Mahker?
At Mahker, our values of Pride, Integrity, Quality, and Significance are woven into every product we craft. This kit reflects our commitment to excellence, providing a British-made solution that transforms your Land Rover Defender or Ford Transit Join the community of enthusiasts who trust Mahker for superior engine conversions.
Elevate your Driving experience with Mahker – where craftsmanship meets performance.


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