Land Rover Defender Lift Off Door Hinges (Single Cab x4 Hinges)


£550 excl vat

Presenting our exclusive set of lift-off hinges tailored specifically for Land Rover Defender SINGLE cab owners with wing mirrors on the front doors. Embrace heightened versatility and unmatched durability with our meticulously engineered hinges, expertly machined from 6082 aluminum, renowned for its outstanding corrosion resistance and remarkable strength.

To achieve a flawless and refined finish, our lift-off hinges undergo a careful blasting process, resulting in a smooth surface, followed by a black hard anodisation treatment that seamlessly complements the Defender’s aesthetics while adding remarkable longevity to the item.

These ingeniously designed lift-off hinges offer unparalleled flexibility. Not only can you effortlessly swap your Defender’s doors to accommodate Series 3 doors or your secondary set, but they are also compatible with our upcoming tubular doors. Enjoy the freedom to switch between different door options, allowing you to customize your Defender’s appearance based on your preferences and driving conditions. Moreover, we have implemented an integrated locking system that keeps the hinges secured together when the door is closed, ensuring the door cannot lift off in the event of an accident or rollover.

Understanding the rugged nature of off-road adventures, we have taken measures to protect the functionality of the hinges. Our hinges feature strategically placed relief between the moving parts, preventing debris from causing damage during use. Rest assured that your hinges will maintain their smooth operation and durability, even in the most challenging off-road environments.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, every component of our hinges ensures exceptional performance. Robust 10mm diameter pins provide unmatched strength, while high-quality brass bushes ensure long-lasting durability. For your convenience, all hinge parts are individually available, making it easy to service and maintain your hinges, if ever needed.

Our hinges boast a larger footprint area compared to OEM hinges, safeguarding your Defender’s bulkhead and door against potential damage during rough service conditions.

Each set of hinges comes with comprehensive installation instructions, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free upgrade process.

You’ll receive the set of hinges complete with stainless steel bolts and lock nuts, HDPE shims, and bulkhead nut plates to make the installation process even more convenient. Enhance your Defender’s functionality and style with our exceptional lift-off hinges.


£550 excl vat £660 incl vat


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